Autopsies of homicide victims confirm stabbing

Jeff Kernodle speaks to news outlets about bruises, killer’s methods of entry



Idaho community leaves flowers and gifts to remember the 4 students murdered at the University of Idaho, Nov.16, 2022.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

The Latah County coroner’s office completed the autopsies of the four University of Idaho homicide victims on Nov. 16, confirming it was a stabbing.  

It has been five days since the deaths of Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20. 

In an interview with NBC News, Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt said the autopsy results shed light on the timeline of death — which may have been after 2 a.m. — their “extensive” wounds and the murder weapon used. 

Each victim had multiple wounds and likely bled out at their residence, according to the article. 

“Ultimately, the information that was publicly released does not help us, we already had that information,” said Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police communications director. “That is not the full and complete report and the pictures and the actual work that was done by the coroner, so we will get a report from that.” 

Xana’s father, Jeff Kernodle, told an Arizona news outlet his daughter had “bruises” on her body, indicating she put up a good fight with her killer, according to a Fox News article.

Jeff also told the outlet that the door to the victim’s home locks with a number code, so the attacker must have known this or found their “slider door open,” according to the article.

Information provided from the autopsies along with evidence from the crime scene and community will give detectives a clearer idea of what they are looking for and why they are looking for it, Snell said.

On Wednesday, the Idaho State Police Crime Lab team was at the location of the crime, going through the scene “as another set of eyes” to see if there was any evidence that might not have been collected, Snell said. 

The night of the four deaths, two additional people were in the residence, Snell said. They are not considered persons of interest because at this point in the investigation there is not anyone considered a person of interest.

“However, they haven’t been cleared either. So we’re still continuing the investigation, so they may potentially have information that’s pertinent to the investigation,” Snell said. “They are working and they have been working with detectives to provide that information and interview with detectives to see what they did or didn’t, what they saw, heard, you know, that type of thing.”

Authorities are requesting that anyone who has any information on the victims or murders contact the Moscow Police Department at 208-883-7054.