Rodeoing stops for nothing, not even holidays

Our Cougar Cowgirl has her own traditions she ropes in to the holidays.



The Cougar Cowgirl has her own traditions for Thanksgivng.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

Rope, ride, repeat.

Thanksgiving is no exception.

Usually, my parents and brother and I have a Thanksgiving lunch. My mom makes phenomenal mashed potatoes that I could eat all day long, and apparently really good stuffing, but I won’t partake in eating any of that nonsense. My dad cooks a turkey on our Traeger grill, which is pretty yummy, too. 

Before and after Thanksgiving lunch we are outside riding horses and roping. The same goes for Christmas Day as well. We usually open our stockings from Santa and then head outside. Or, my dad heads outside to do chores and my brother and I stay inside.

But seriously, it is roping and riding and nothing else. Thanksgiving never feels super huge to me because of that. So, this year I convinced my parents to get out of the arena and go to Ellensburg to spend the day with my grandma.

Instead of ordering the Thanksgiving special at Portals Restaurant Suncadia Resort, I ordered a grilled cheese. I also had two other full Thanksgiving meals that day, for a grand total of three. I ate more that day than I did the entire week. 

The next morning at 3:30 a.m. I got up and went goose hunting. This was my second time ever going hunting and it was interesting going into the gas station that early to buy pistachios, Cheez-Its and Oreos for the rest of my day while I froze my buns off in the blind.

Once we got back home I spent the rest of my weekend with my hometown best friends, playing slots and singing songs off the jukebox at the Rustic Truck Bar & Grill in Irrigon, Ore. 

I am now back in Pullman, and finals are in full swing. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the amount of essays I have as well as navigating the painful weather. 

I hope everyone stays safe in this weather and good luck on all of your finals!