Police say sixth roommate is not involved with homicide

No suspect has been found 19 days after students’ death



Idaho community leaves flowers and gifts to remember the 4 students murdered at the University of Idaho, Nov.16, 2022.

PUNEET BSANTI, Deputy news editor

The Moscow Police Department said detectives are aware of a sixth roommate signed onto the lease of the King Road residence, however, the roommate was not present during the murders of four University of Idaho students. 

Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police communications director, said investigators believe the sixth roommate was not involved in the incident, but he could not provide information on their whereabouts for Nov. 13.

The sixth roommate moved out of the apartment before the school year began, according to a Moscow PD press release. The individual has been in contact with detectives.

Earlier this week, Moscow PD cleared up comments made by Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson who said one of the four students was targeted. However, investigators have not confirmed whether the apartment itself or any of the students were targeted. 

“I think it was actually a miscommunication between staffers in the office, and so we have been consistent in our statement that the incident we do believe that it was targeted,” he said. 

Snell said he does not know specifically why there was a miscommunication between the departments, but there is an extensive amount of information that goes back and forth. In this case with Thompson, there was an oversight. 

There is still no suspect and investigators are still processing over 1,000 leads at this time, he said.

“We are still building the picture of this entire case, to the events of the victims themselves in the night that led up to it and, of course, the crime scene itself. So we’re still gathering that information. We’re putting together a picture and I think once that’s more complete, we’re gonna start having new directions in which we can go in,” Snell said. 

He said investigators intend to let the public know as much information as they can through their daily updates, which are posted on the City of Moscow website