Bite of the Palouse: Don’t miss New Garden on your culinary journey

You won’t want to miss a taste of this.



I’ll be back for another serving of that Mo Shu Pork

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

After living in Pullman for nearly five years, I like to think that I know my way around the restaurant scene, I had believed that I had tried nearly every offering but boy have I been wrong. As I was driving along Grand I was greeted by a restaurant that I have never been to or even remember seeing: New Garden Restaurant. 

As it happened I would have an opportunity to go as one of my friends had their birthday at the restaurant, killing two social obligations with one bird-shaped stone. As you are driving along the street keep your eyes open for the neon sign, you might miss a great food spot if you are not looking for it. 

My initial complaint against the restaurant revolves around the parking situation. Take it with a grain of salt as I came with a bigger party than usual but finding parking in the tiny parking lot is an effort in futility. But as we delve into the restaurant itself if that is the worst problem than we have an amazing eatery on our hands. 

As you enter the front door do not be fooled by the initially small interior, there is a secret back dining room that has more tables. The restaurant is incredibly clean and is pleasantly decorated, and amazingly despite the restaurant being busy, the volume was kept at a great level. 

Sitting down you are greeted with a well-set table and pots of delicious tea. I have never been a tea guy, much less a hot tea person but I had multiple cups of whatever it was they put in those pots. Do. Not. Skip. The. Tea.

The menu is extensive and perhaps a little intimidating but I zeroed in right on the pork section, guessing that whatever I got would have been delicious. After a small decision time, I finally settled on the Mo Shu Pork, which comes with pancakes and a side of rice. Despite my choosing that item I felt looking at the menu that not a single thing would be a disappointment.

The service was wonderful and any questions that we had about the menu or a specific food item was answered informatively and with a smile. Whether it was the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant or the good conversation the time that passed between ordering and the food coming out was near to nothing. 

The portions were huge, especially for the price that I paid for it. I was greeted by a mouthwatering smell and it took everything in me not to dig in, despair filling me as I had to wait for my friend’s meals to get there. 

I could speak for hours on how good that food was, not an exaggeration in the slightest. The Mo Shu pork could have been entirely eaten on its own, incredibly well seasoned and with a taste that kept my spoon moving. The meal came with a healthy portion of rice, pancakes and sauce to complement the main course of the meal. I was nearly stuffed but I still had a huge portion to save for leftovers, near three meals in one. I am still ranting and raving about how good it tasted. 

Because of the huge and tasty portion sizes that are given with nearly every meal, I feel that my initial ding against the restaurant does not really hold much up against it. The price for the food upon your first look is not amazing, certainly not something that you can continuously get every week and not feel the pain. The portions make it more than worth the prize.

And for those worried, the leftovers tasted just as good the second and third time around as it did when I originally ate it. All packed away in leftover boxes all of the party left happy and full without losing too much money on the food. 

I was amazed that I had missed such a prominent and important beacon of Pullman’s culinary scene but I am glad that I have discovered it. More than likely I will be a repeat customer trying to get around to more of the menu. New Garden Restaurant should be on your bucket list for spots in Pullman. Your fortune cookie says that you will be visiting New Garden. 

If you know of some food spots that I have not tried yet that you are just dying to brag about to your friends let me know by emailing [email protected].