ASWSU approves resolution to provide student transportation going to Pullman-Moscow airport

ASWSU votes to approve Judicial Board and Student Affairs nominees.



ASWSU senators discuss resolutions during Wednesday night’s meeting.

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

ASWSU voted Wednesday night to approve five new resolutions with the purpose to compensate undocumented students and provide safe transportation to the Pullman-Moscow airport.

The senators examined Resolution 52-07, which calls for the implementation of a transportation service from WSU to Pullman Regional Airport. This resolution aims to resolve the problem students may face in traveling to the airport from WSU.

The resolution serves the purpose of ASWSU working with the necessary organizations to provide students with a dependable form of transportation.

The mode of transportation from WSU to the airport to be implemented is still being discussed. Two ASWSU senators have also researched the possible costs for the proposal but have not come up with a definite amount. This resolution was approved.

The senators examined the new resolutions, beginning with Resolution 52-04, which calls for active compensation for undocumented students and for the ASWSU Senate to work with the administration to implement ways to pay undocumented students. They have not decided how this will be implemented. 

This resolution is meant to help undocumented students who cannot receive federal student loans and are unable to be paid on campus. ASWSU will set up a plan to pay undocumented students by the end of the school year. The senators approved the resolution.

The next resolution was Resolution 52-05, which calls for the restructuring of the WSU Honors College social media. The resolution requests the leadership of the Honors College improve their email and Instagram accounts to ensure students are properly exposed to all upcoming events.

The resolution also encourages the Honors College to expand its social media presence, possibly to TikTok. The resolution was approved unanimously by the senators. 

The next resolution was Resolution 52-06, which supports the creation of the Deans’ Council for the Carson College of Business, which aims to find ways to increase engagement among the college.

Resolution 52-08 calls for the creation of a wellness QR code resources page, which would promote university-sponsored events, RSOs and mental well-being resources. This is meant to help students who are struggling with their mental well-being and feelings of isolation.

The QR code is also meant to serve the purpose of letting students know about these clubs and resources. ASWSU has worked with CAPS to help construct this proposal. The resolution was approved.

The senators also voted to approve the Judicial Board nominee. The only candidate for the position was Quinn Fosbre, a freshman accounting student. 

Fosbre said he decided to apply for this position because he wanted to get more involved at WSU. 

He was confirmed to the Judicial Board by the senators. The next nomination to consider was the director of student affairs nominee, Sophia Schnell. 

“I’m so happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to be the director of student affairs,” Schnell said. “I want students to engage with each other and take the cougar pride to the next level.”

Schnell’s nomination was unanimously confirmed by the senators. Afterward, the senators moved to approve new bills, which were Bill 52-17 through Bill 52-23.

The bills include resolutions to lengthen the time for senator trainings, including crisis training as well as changing the time senators need to report which organizations they are affiliated with from three weeks to six. All seven of the bills were approved by the senators.

The senators’ meeting ended with the announcement that they should get a head start on writing pieces of legislation to propose to the senate. The meeting was adjourned at 6:28 p.m.