ASWSU elect two senators and a chief of staff operations

New electees hope to hold WSU accountable and get students involved



Newly elected Chief of Staff Operations Katie Carstens on Feb. 9, 2023.

GABRIELLE BOWMAN, Evergreen news co-editor

The ASWSU Executive Board elected Jeff Sheldon as the senator for the CAHNRS College and Rachel Lee as the senator for the College of Education. The council also elected Katie Carstens as Chief of Staff Operations.

Sheldon said, his freshman year at WSU he was on the Greek Standards Board, during his sophomore year he was chaplain of his fraternity and was recently vice president for the Interfraternity Council. 

“All these positions taught me something new,” Sheldon said. “Those are the lessons that I really hold near and dear to me; lessons that have driven me, lessons that have inspired me to do more and continue to be involved in our community.”

Sheldon’s plan to be a part of the senate is to be considered a voice of reason and enable change in the community. 

“I will look to do my absolute best to represent all of my constituents,” he said. 

Sheldon said he would plan to hold professors accountable at WSU when it comes to displaying guidelines on student assignments as well as bring more representation for the agricultural side of CAHNRS college. 

“I know that a lot of the [agriculture] programs are kind of struggling right now,” he said. “I’d really like to get closer with my agricultural constituents.” 

Sheldon ran unopposed.

Lee was the second senator elected to represent the College of Education.

Lee said she is the president of Chi Delta Sigma, the first and only Asian American Pacific Islander sorority at WSU. Lee was also the academic chair for her sorority and is an elementary education major. 

“I love to serve others and I’d love to do other things that will help my community as a whole,” Lee said. 

Lee wants to bring in more educators from minority and underrepresented backgrounds to the College of Education specifically. 

“I wish they [College of Education] had more educators come in and talk about their experiences and how it shaped them,” Lee said. 

Lee said she wants to implement a workshop with educators who have experienced microaggressions to teach others what their effects are. 

“Educating the community on different aspects of cultural backgrounds and such and how it can affect a person without you knowing,” is what Lee intends to do, she said.

Lee won in a 9-5 vote with 2 senators abstaining from the vote. 

Carstens, who was elected Chief Officer of Staff operations, has worked with ASWSU over the years. She originally ran for freshman delegate but was not elected. She then joined the Technology Fee Committee which led her to join her sorority Sigma Kappa. 

“When I saw the post for Chief of Staff, I realized how much I missed it and how much I missed making an impact on student’s lives,” Carstens said. 

Carstens said she did later become a freshman delegate and served on the Finance Committee as Vice Chair. Then the following year she was an uncertified senator and served as chair of the internal committee, this past year she served as pro temp for an honorable senator and for the last two years as the chair of the tech seat. 

Carstens ran unopposed. 

As Chief Officer for Staff Organizations Carstens wants to get students back on campus. 

“I want to see it [Terrel Mall] filled with people. I want people coming back to campus, finding these community hubs, and bringing them back,” Carstens said. 

According to Carstens, she wants to fill the Senate, Executive and Judicial Board for ASWSU and wants to make a strong foundation for the next group of WSU leaders.