Cougs Love Art: Upcoming art festival showcases WSU art

The Cougs Love Art Festival will take place March 24 by Glenn Terrell Mall



The Student Entertainment Board is accepting all forms of art.

ANGEL IKUEZE, Evergreen reporter

Students, staff, and faculty can showcase art at the Cougs Love Art Festival, which will take place on March 24, Gueneviere Sherlaw, Student Entertainment Board director of arts, said. The festival will be the first of its kind hosted by the SEB.

The goal of the festival, Sherlaw said, is to show off the artistic side of WSU. She said that the festival will take place by Glenn Terrell Mall.

“[WSU has] all this amazing work and talent that I think just deserves to be shared,” she said.

The deadline for applicants to turn in their artwork is Feb. 24.

All forms of art are being accepted, including dance, live music, paintings and more, Sherlaw said. Artwork will only be disqualified if it is offensive to any person or group.

People can sign up to showcase art at the festival through a Google form that was sent out via email. Sherlaw said that if anyone encounters a problem with the link, they can send an email to [email protected].

“People can walk to class, go about their day, and experience some cool forms of art as well,” Sherlaw said.

There is no maximum number of applicants, Sherlaw said; anyone who is interested can sign up.

One person or organization can also turn in one or more artworks, Sherlaw said. It is also not required to submit a minimum amount of artwork.

The festival, Sherlaw said, will be more of a showcase than a competition. She said there will not be winners or losers, and that the festival is just an opportunity for everyone interested to showcase their artistic talent.

“There’ll be students showcasing their work, and then the opportunities for students to engage them,” Sherlaw said.

Applicants will be supplied with anything they need to showcase their art at the festival, Sherlaw said.

After the festival, Sherlaw said applicants’ artwork will be posted on the SEB’s Instagram.