Evergreeners cover MLB Spring Training through Murrow College

Sam Taylor, Trevor Junt and Jake Hull travled to Arizona to cover baseball over spring break

Seattle Mariners play-by-play broadcaster Rick Rizzs (left) spent time with Evergreen baseball writer Jake Hull (center left), sports editor Sam Taylor (center right) and deputy sports editor Trevor Junt (right) March 14, 2023 at the Peoria Sports Complex.


Seattle Mariners play-by-play broadcaster Rick Rizzs (left) spent time with Evergreen baseball writer Jake Hull (center left), sports editor Sam Taylor (center right) and deputy sports editor Trevor Junt (right) March 14, 2023 at the Peoria Sports Complex.


Over spring break, we traveled to Arizona as part of a group of six Murrow students under the guidance of professor Wendy Raney to cover major league baseball’s spring training.

We received media credentials to five MLB camps over the course of four days and attended two World Baseball Classic games in Phoenix.

Those interested in journalism met journalists in their element. Those interested in public relations met PR and social media professionals in their profession.

In all, we spent five days in baseball’s Disneyland, receiving incredible access and the opportunities to tell interesting stories which we will publish in the coming weeks.

Deputy sports editor Trevor Junt (center) and sports editor Sam Taylor (right) talk to Murrow alum and Seattle Mariners radio producer Gary Hill Jr. March 14, 2023, at the Peoria Sports Complex.


When Logan Gilbert finished his spring training start in the fifth inning of the Mariners’ game against the Kansas City Royals, we had the opportunity to visit the Mariners’ clubhouse to talk to Gilbert alongside the other media members before he left for the day. 

In the middle of Gilbert’s interview in front of his locker, his teammates entered the clubhouse and greeted him with a series of comments and wisecracks which should probably remain within the walls of the M’s clubhouse.

Gilbert stayed composed, smiling and chuckling along with each of the media members who were surely used to this kind of good-natured disruption.

Witnessing the team joking around with each other in front of the media was both hilarious and encouraging as a Mariners fan and an eye-opening look into what it means to be a part of a professional team and devote over half of the year to one endeavor.

Our trip to Arizona was a chance to see baseball writers, broadcasters and PR professionals at work. Each professional we met and player, manager or coach we interviewed was so generous with their time and genuine in their advice. They truly cared about us and took time out of their day to talk to us for anywhere from five minutes to well over an hour. 

The trip to Arizona showed me what the day of a baseball beat writer entails and helped me focus on the skills and approach necessary to accomplish this goal.

I am deeply thankful to professor Raney, the Murrow College at large and each member of the media, particularly Rick Rizzs and each organization and PR staff member who gave us this terrific experience.

Deputy sports editor Trevor Junt interviews Colorado Rockies veteran Charlie Blackmon, March 11, 2023, at the Rockies’ spring training facility.


Wow, what a trip. This trip to spring training was the first of its kind at WSU. We were the first-year guinea pigs. I cannot stress how extremely well this went. Not only did we get the experience of a lifetime but we set up the future generation for sports journalism students for success. 

We did not have a single bad experience, bad interview, or anybody being unaccepting of us. The players, PR staff, and other journalists were elated and eager to hear from us and help us. 

We met journalists from different publications like MLB.com, The Athletic, The Seattle Times, some from Seattle Sports Radio, and Root Sports.

We were able to interview some very significant athletes like Charlie Blackmon, Logan Gilbert, Tom Murphy, Tyler Stephenson, Paul Sewald and others, including multiple managers. 

This trip is invaluable, I do not believe any other significant communication college has received an experience like this. 

I was able to go on this trip under special circumstances. I received a first-generation college student scholarship from Murrow, which covered everything on this trip for me. Not a dime came out of my pocket. You can watch that here.

The group that went on this trip was wonderful. Everyone gelled well and was working hard, I am very proud of the group.  

Truly I am incredibly thankful to the Murrow College, Ben Shors and Wendy Raney who set me up for this opportunity. This was an invaluable experience that I as a college student got to cover MLB Spring Training as a journalist. 


My experience at the MLB Spring Training through the Murrow College school trip was one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and one I recommend everyone to apply for.

Coming into the event, I was really just there to learn and observe how the professional beat writers and reporters went about their days, but I found myself fascinated by how hard everyone there worked, and how long their hours are each day. It was eye-opening to talk to the likes of Corey Brock, Ryan Divish and especially Rick Rizzs, who all gave excellent advice on beat writing and broadcasting. 

Throughout the five days we were in Arizona we were working from 6 a.m. until around 7 p.m. most nights, then we would come back and compare notes and pictures and prepare for the next day.

This trip is one that was excellent for networking as well as building relationships with people and teams for future careers. I definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to learn the ways of beat writers, reporters and photographers.