Kaleidoscope of color

The Daedalum luminarium opened from April 13–14 on Grimes Way Playfield



Two visitors entering for the first time the Daedalum’s main dome, which Architects of Air designed after the Pantheon of Rome, April 15.

GABRIELLE FELICIANO, Evergreen life editor

Hundreds of people came to see the inflated kaleidoscope of color on Grimes Way Playfield from April 13–14.

Designed by Architects of Air and brought to WSU by the Student Entertainment Board, the Daedalum luminarium featured 19 egg-shaped domes in sections for people to explore. All of the light and color inside came from the sun shining through thin, colored plastic on the domes’ surfaces, according to a SEB-given handout. Visitors can escape into this sensory experience regardless of age, ability, community or culture, according to Architects of Air’s website.