The Maggit of moviemaking

Evan Maggit’s time at WSU has opened doors of opportunity for him



Wearing a prom suit prepares Maggit for his future at red carpet premieres.

ALAINN FITZGERALD, Evergreen reporter

“You can just feel [Evan Maggit’s] enthusiasm seeping through the screen when he writes,” Thomas Dennis said.

Dennis is a friend of Maggit’s, a freshman computer science major who has posted over 200 movie reviews on the WSU 2026 Snapchat story, which reach over 2,000 views each.

Despite being a computer science major, Maggit has always had a very strong passion for movies.

“Movies have always been a part of my personality and how I identify myself and how I kind of express myself,” Maggit said.

He started publicly sharing his love for movies on Instagram for about two years before he switched to Letterboxd.

However, it was not until Maggit moved from Wisconsin, his home state, to Pullman that he really began getting some attention for his reviews and critiques.

Maggit’s movie reviews began circulating on the official WSU Snapchat story, WSU 2026, a few months ago when Maggit began posting his Letterboxd reviews and people began reposting them with their personal opinions.

“It was kind of an ongoing thing beforehand, but then I was like, ‘Let me try this story thing out,’” Maggit said.

Maggit began to develop a fanbase by posting his reviews on WSU 2026 and received messages from people asking him to review certain movies or TV shows.

“I get like selfies every other day now, people at the movie theaters know me,” Maggit said.

Maggit joined WSU’s Cable 8 Productions this semester because of his love for film.

Dennis, freshman broadcast productions major, has worked with Maggit at Cable 8 since the start of the spring 2023 semester when the two met during Cable 8’s production of “What the Movie,” a weekly talk show about newly-released movies.

Dennis said Maggit is a quintessential movie fan. Maggit is so good at what he does that Dennis said he could definitely see Maggit going into entertainment.

“I just don’t think there’s anyone who loves movies as much as he does that wouldn’t want to be in the industry,” Dennis said.

Maggit’s favorite movie of all time is “Avengers: Infinity War,” his reason being the movie’s focus on the antagonist rather than the protagonist, he said.

“If somebody can do that, then I have more room to make whatever I want,” Maggit said.

Maggit is making one of his future plans of directing or writing a movie come true, as he said he is making his first-ever movie, which will come out spring 2024.

Maggit plans on pitching his horror comedy to Cable 8 once he completes the script over the summer.

“I want it to feel like it’s just an anomaly and very liminal, a very creepypasta factor to it,” he said.

Maggit can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Letterboxd.

He shares sneak peeks of what he is working on next in his future movies and projects while streaming on Twitch.

“I look forward to seeing whatever he makes,” Dennis said.