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Evolve on Main temporarily without hot water

Maintenance on hot water heater Feb. 16 began water system shut off
Evolve on Main residents were sent an email on Feb. 18 that they would temporarily be without hot water

The apartment complex Evolve on Main sent an email to their residents around 3 p.m. Feb. 18 that let residents know there will temporarily be no hot water. 

Evolve sent out a message Feb. 16 that said there would be maintenance occurring on the water heater, telling residents that the water system would be shut off for a little bit. Later they sent another email that said the water heater was no longer functioning. 

Evolve resident Madison Beck said she took over a lease this January. She believes management could have done a better job at communicating the whole situation with the residents. 

“Since I have been at Evolve, I don’t think I’ve ever had actual hot water. When the temperature is all the way up the water has just been warm, which is unusual,” Beck said. 

Beck said there was never a solid range of temperatures for the showers at Evolve, with the water being either cold or warm and not a lot in between. She hoped Evolve was going to fix this issue when they sent out the email saying that maintenance was coming.  

Once Evolve got the temporary water heater going, she said the water pressure went down a significant amount, saying only dribbles were coming out of her faucet. Evolve then sent out a message saying to not take a shower and use the laundry machine at the same time, which upset residents even more. 

“It’s odd that there is so many people living here and they did not have a temporary water system already set up,” she said. 

Beck said she does not plan to release with Evolve next term because the building is not the best and the new management that took over last month has been off.  

Evolve resident Katey Morehouse said she has had to drive to the UREC in order to take hot showers throughout the past week.  

“Evolve kept us in the dark, we never knew when the next update would be, and when they did send us updates, they were very vague,” Morehouse said. 

Evolve wrote a statement saying they would give residents some sort of compensation for their troubles but they have not yet released the specifics, she said.  

Morehouse said she feels bad for the front desk workers since they have been receiving so much negative feedback but she understands their anger and frustration because of the lack of updates from management.  

“I feel like a hot shower is a de-stressor for many people and taking that away has made many people upset at the front office workers and management,” she said.

Evolve on Main management declined to comment on the situation.

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