Booze News: Midterms, sports bars and cheap chardonnay


WILLIAM ZIEHL | Daily Evergreen File

My Office, a sports bar, is a popular watering hole for the Palouse community.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

As we celebrate one of the most stunning victories in WSU’s history of ball and foot, we head to a place fraught with the gleeful Cougar fans and the adorably thrifty. Because I mean, you can buy a ticket to the game, or save that money for a bar tab. Either way, you’re getting a show.

Any Washington State veteran and alumni will swear by a little haven called My Office. Sometimes you need a break from fancy cocktails, and just want a rum and coke and get chummy with a guy named JT, because hey, JT isn’t a bad guy.

Located in the heart of downtown, this place offers every sport fan exactly what they want: TVs, beer, bar food and a liquor license. Wall-to-wall table tops, bar games and Cougar fans. And booze, you can’t forget about booze. Allegedly, in the winter, you can make a drinking game over whether or not vehicles can make it up the adjacent hill. So, we have that to look forward to.

So, what do you do after another football win? Why, a house party of course. Nothing says “This is a terrible idea, but we don’t care” like a bunch of fine folk taking shots of apple whiskey between glasses of gas station chardonnay. While that may sound off-putting, I have the alcoholic tolerance of a cyborg velociraptor, and this is in the name of good fun.

Because it didn’t really work out with JT, you grab your house party mates and hike up the hill to Stubblefields and you start the whole process over again. This time with onion rings. Just like the rest of the town, there’s a fantastic universal sense of victory and excitement over the entire place that’s coupled with the “clanking” of glass beer bottles and drunken shouts of merriment and revelry. And that one girl who always sings Journey songs when she’s had four too many of whatever. She’s in every bar everywhere.

Even when the lights come on and the underage kids start spilling out from the area downstairs, the culture doesn’t stop. Grab a few hard ciders from the mini-mart across the hall, jog on outside and walk back to ground zero, wherever that may have been for you. What a weekend.

For those of you who like food with your booze — and why shouldn’t you, food is awesome, booze is awesome — there is an event coming up. The event, Cuisine and Conservation, paired with wine and beer, will be held at Cask from 5 – 9 p.m. on Oct. 14 in Moscow. Only $30 for a full 5-course meal. Guys, time to stop dragging your dates underground at Stubbies, and treat her to something nice. There’s beer, so don’t complain. It’s sure to be worth the money. That said, this was your weekly installment of Booze News. Be safe my friends, and bottoms up.

Chris West is a sophomore viticulture and enology major from Plano, Texas. He can be contacted at [email protected].