CUB gives opportunity to view a childhood favorite

“Halloweentown” will show in the CUB, but you may want to leave it in past

MORGAN LESTER, Evergreen columnist

This week, in the CUB Auditorium, a blast from our childhood is playing. “Halloweentown,” the story of Marnie and her witch-blooded family, who, with the help of her grandma Aggie, attempt to find out what is wrong with Halloweentown, and why most of its residents have disappeared.

As far as childhood movies go, this is one of the better ones. The plot is quirky and weird, and something we watched repeatedly. Though, viewing it as an adult, I understand how and why I drove my mother mad with this movie, and others like it.

That being said, it was enjoyable for me to see this one again, and get a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. The visuals were of the funky ’90s style that I remember, and the goofy plot made me giggle at times.

However, I was also a child who would suspend my disbelief at the drop of a hat. If you are watching this again, whether it be at the CUB Auditorium, as presented by SEB, or just on your own, you will find this viewing experience to be a bit different.

For a fair bit of my viewing in my dorm, I was sitting there, wondering why in the world I liked this in the first place; at times, it felt a bit ridiculous and threadbare in the plot.

I would say that if you’re thinking this movie is going to be as great as you remember, don’t watch it. You will be sorely disappointed that your younger self did not have good standards.

While it was at times boring, it was still fun to see again and question my younger self. So, if you so choose, it is playing from 5 – 7 p.m. today in the CUB Auditorium.

If you have your Cougar Card, admission is free, and for off-campus friends, it’s $2; except for UW students – tickets are not available for them at this time. Be sure to there early, though – there is popcorn while it lasts.

Morgan Lester is a freshman architectural studies major from Leavenworth, Kansas. He can be contacted at [email protected].