WSU network connection disrupted last week

JESSICA ZHOU, Evergreen assistant news editor

A severe network disruption, believed to have been caused by malicious attacks, took place between 1:30 and 4:24 p.m. Tuesday and 1:18 to 2:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 18, according to a WSU Information Technology Services news release.

This resulted in “severe degradation of WSU’s ability to send information outbound beyond WSU’s information border,” according to the release.

Anyone who has accessed internet through a WSU computer or Wi-Fi network during the times of the attacks likely experienced slower internet browsing speeds.

Network engineers in ITS isolated the problem to Pullman’s firewall, the release stated, though the scope of the attack is unknown. Updated information will be provided to the public on the ITS website and social media.

Reporting by Jessica Zhou

Editor’s note: The brief was updated to clarify the news release stated the attack affected internet speed, not personal user data.