CUB shows ‘Logan Lucky’

‘Ocean’s Eleven’-esque film comedic and action-packed

MORGAN LESTER, Evergreen columnist

Directed by the now-not-retired Steven Soderbergh, “Logan Lucky” follows the story of Jimmy Davis (Channing Tatum), a southern man who is laid off by the construction company he works for because of insurance reasons. He meets with his friend Clyde Logan (Adam Driver), an Iraq-War-veteran-turned-bartender, and together they concoct a scheme to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600.

This one is a fun take on Soderbergh’s own “Ocean’s Eleven,” and while it follows the same formula as the classic heist movie, there is something fundamentally different about “Logan Lucky.” Whereas the characters of “Ocean’s Eleven” were looking for revenge or to take care of huge financial debts, Jimmy and Clyde do not have that same motivation.

What becomes clear with this movie is that this heist is about sticking it to those of the upper class who have tipped the board too far in their favor, while making some money on the side. Each of the characters in the movie have been hit with these heavy hands, and it becomes clear that this rambunctious scheme is just to show up those who screwed them over.

Furthermore, the characters, while appearing dimwitted, show a level of intelligence, which is showcased in some goofy scenes, like when Daniel Craig’s aptly-named Joe Bang explains the explosive capacity of Gummy Bears.

They know what they’re doing, even if they don’t know exactly why they’re doing it. Along this same line, Soderbergh makes you cheer for these guys by rooting their story in the emotions of the movie, and the grand scheme they engaged in simply because they want to prove their worth.

Beyond those areas, the plot has the same familiar, yet new feeling of a good heist movie.

The heist is complex and sweeping, and has the same back-tracking as Soderbergh’s own famous trilogy, with the fun bounciness of the idea where everyone remains calm when everything seems to be going wrong; after all, it’s all part of the plan. It tracks well, and you don’t exactly know how everything will end until it does.

If you want some comedic and thought-out action, this is one to see. Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and their co-stars do an excellent job with this one, and play well with their comedy. It was also fun to see some rich idiots get their due as those they screwed over show them up.

If you would like to see it, “Logan Lucky” is showing in the CUB Auditorium this weekend, with showings at 6 and 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 4 and 7 p.m. on Sunday. There is free popcorn while supplies last, tickets are free for students and $2 for non-students.

Morgan Lester is a freshman architectural studies major from Leavenworth, Kansas. He can be contacted at [email protected].