MFA student encourages aspiring artists

Morganne Radziewicz’s art on display in Learning Gallery


EZEKIEL NELSON | The Daily Evergreen

MFA student Morganne Radziewicz shows her water and text themed pieces in the Museum of Art.

RACHEL KOCH, Evergreen reporter

Embracing one’s passions may be difficult in a society focused on routine, but WSU graduate student Morganne Radziewicz chooses to be courageous and do what makes her happiest.

Radziewicz, 27, is in the second year of graduate school at WSU and is working toward receiving her master’s in fine arts. She said she took an interest in art from a young age and started to consider a career in fine arts while in high school.

She attributed her creative talent to genetics.

“It’s kind of always been part of my blood,” she said. “My mom was always very artistic, my great-grandma was an illustrator and very artistic.”

Radziewicz said she draws inspiration from her own life and experiences from her past.

“The current body of work that I have up at the museum is about my own dealings with anxiety,” she said, “but my past work has dealt with long-distance relationships, which, again, come from my own experiences of love and romance.”

As one of 14 students in the MFA program, Radziewicz will showcase her art in the reception for the MFA Thesis Exhibition, which will take place from 6 – 8 p.m. Friday in the Collections and Learning Gallery of the Fine Arts Center. Her artwork for the reception has been on display in this gallery since Tuesday.

Radziewicz acknowledged the challenges of pursuing an art career in this culture.

“I think that there is a stereotype, for sure,” she said. “People think that we’re very loosey-goosey and quirky. And some of us definitely are, but we’re also very serious about what we do, just like science majors are very serious about what they do.”

Despite this, she said she highly encourages aspiring artists to pursue their passions.

“I do think that there can be a little bit of a stigma around becoming an art student, but that shouldn’t stop you if that’s something you’re passionate about,” she said. “Nobody should have to go through life with the regular rigmarole of day-to-day 9-to-5 if that’s not what they’re passionate about.”