ISC runs first independent elections

After losing their charter last year, ISC has rebuilt leadership, ran own elections


LINH NGUYEN | The Daily Evergreen

ISC President Ximeng Li presents her goals for next school year. These include ensuring everyone in the organization feels welcome and makes time for the club.

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

International Students’ Council members re-elected their president, Ximeng Li, in the organization’s first election since losing its charter last year.

Li said she is continuing her goal from the first election, which is ensuring everyone feels welcome in the organization. While Li was re-elected, most of the executive team is new to ISC leadership.

“[ISC] is a community on campus for international students,” Li said.

Li wasn’t the only leader who was re-elected. ISC Co-Programming Chair Ho Valerie Belcying and Finance Chair Khue Tram will also return to their positions.

Cabinet members new to ISC include Shahd Fahmi Al Harthi and Clara Mui for co-public relations/marketing chairs, Deante Espree for chief of staff and Lazim Ahmed, the only contested candidate, for vice president.

Li said some past executive members struggled balancing school and leadership, and most of the team chose not to run for re-election.

“I think it was great at the beginning,” Li said. “But at the end of the semester, everyone was busy with work and school. We kind of spread out.”

Li said she is excited for the upcoming year and wants to make sure the newly-elected cabinet will make enough time for the organization.

ISC lost its charter last year when former ISC President Kevin Lindquist was impeached.

ISC Adviser Dan Maher said Li’s first election was organized by an interim leadership team assigned by ASWSU, and this year’s election was organized by ISC cabinet members now that the club is back on its feet.

“Each and every one of you,” Maher said, “individually and collectively, are going to do a good job.”

During the election, which took place in the CUE, each candidate prepared and presented a speech based upon their qualifications for the position.

Six of the seven total positions have been filled, leaving the information technology coordinator position vacant.

Li said she hopes to better prepare the new cabinet members for next year’s team.

“We didn’t have a transitioning meeting with the executives from last year,” Li said. “We are starting all over, from zero.”

Li said her goal for the upcoming year is to continue holding successful events, such as the Valentine’s Day Dance Party, in order for all students to connect and have fun.