Booze News: Charleston dancing, gin joints, fall sangrias

Dress fabulously for 1920s themed house parties, drink even more glamorous cocktails



Dressing in 1920s garb and sipping caramel vodka with apple cider and ginger beer really can’t be beat.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

This past weekend I became part of one of the best domestic social interactions around: The House Party. Now this wasn’t your nor­mal house party. We are Cougs and we celebrate in style.

So how do Cougs celebrate with panache? We throw a 1920s-themed party.

There is a certain sense of sophistication when you dress for a themed party, espe­cially when the theme is set at a gin joint. Gals dressed as flappers and men were in suits and hats, all the while dancing the Charleston. Of course they were sipping on expertly-crafted cocktails, wine and other libations that can make anyone feel at home. That being said, let’s get down to the booze.

Aside from everyone looking absolutely fabulous, the drinks were just as special. There were bowls of ice-chilled bottles of sparkling wine, delicious drinks shaken by partygoers and an awesome drum of autumn sangria. This sangria was the cen­terpiece for the roaring shindig. I asked how it was made and the hosts were all too eager to tell me.

Simply find your favorite white wine — I would recommend pinot gris because it goes well with anything when you’re mak­ing a wine cocktail. Throw in some orange, apple and pear slices, as well as pome­granate. As a finishing touch, toss in some cinnamon sticks.

If you want it to sparkle, add club soda, but I would avoid it. Keeping it still and sweet is the perfect blend of fall delicious­ness. Be sure to chill it for a few hours before you start the festivities. I can’t express how perfect this party beverage is. It’s easy, simple and pleases a crowd easily.

While I was sporting a vest and zoot suit pants, I happened to come by a gal whose nametag said Mona Crawfish. She intro­duced me to another equally awesome and, might I say, brilliantly clever fall drink. For those of you who like Moscow Mules, this will be right up your alley.

Get yourself some caramel vodka and mix it with apple cider and ginger beer. If you want to make it a little extra spicy, toss in some fresh ginger slices. It’s something easy and fun to make when you feel you need an unexpectedly tasty drink.

It should be known that I have aged another year. While I had glasses raised to me for not dying for a whole year, I want to raise my glass to you beautiful bastards. Thanks for making a boozehound like me proud. As always, stay safe out there and bottoms up.