Bernardo talks Drive to 25 at Faculty Senate on Thursday

More unified university, versatile programs between campuses discussed



Dan Bernardo, WSU provost and executive vice president, has held several administrative positions over his 14-year career at WSU. Bernardo will continue to work for the university as a special adviser to university President Kirk Schulz.

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen editor-in-chief

Dan Bernardo, WSU provost and executive vice president, addressed Drive to 25 on Thursday during the Faculty Senate meeting.

“If you’re thinking about Drive to 25, our greatest challenge is the size of the university and the number of faculty,” Bernardo said.

Twenty-eight percent of WSU faculty and 36 percent of students enrolled are not located on the Pullman campus, he said.

“We’re not even scratching the surface, I believe, to really capture the full benefit of all of our various sites,” he said.

One of the visions Bernardo discussed is in relation to recruiting and enrollment. He proposed system-wide recruiting, which directs students to the appropriate campus based on what and how they want to learn.

“If you think about engineering,” he said, “[mechanical engineering] in Pullman versus M.E. in Everett — [they’re] very different.”

Having versatile academic programs is another vision Bernardo discussed. He referred to the strategic communication courses on the Everett campus.

“Maybe we need to have academic programs that can differ across campuses to respond to the regional needs of that area,” he said.