Booze News: Cocktails to warm cockles of people’s hearts

Sweet, seasonal, easy concoctions from King of Booze’s little black book of drinks



Add gin and Triple sec to your hot cocoa and get an extra boost of warmth.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

In case you haven’t noticed, the nip in the air is starting to bite a little harder. As Pullman’s King of Booze, I think it is a great time to break out some of the finest beverages to warm the cockles of your heart and get you to room temperature in no time.

I went to my castle and dug into my little black book of drinks which I have made over the years and found a few recipes I think should be dusted off.

Because November is the annual opposite of May, which is Derby Season, perhaps you should try the Winter Julep. First, find your favorite bourbon. I prefer Rebel Yell because it’s the best-tasting bourbon that won’t break your alcoholic bank. Then grab your favorite peppermint tea.

Steep some tea in a glass with hot water for four minutes, or until your desired strength, and remove the teabag. Add a spoonful of brown sugar and then add one and a half shots (or more) of bourbon. A Winter Julep is awesome to drink outside. There’s just something cathartic about drinking something hot in the cold.

What cold day is complete without enjoying some hot chocolate? Get your favorite hot chocolate mix or make your own and add milk not water because you’re a f-cking grown-up.  Anyways, add an ounce of Genever, also known as Dutch gin, and a splash of Green Chartreuse with a bit of triple sec. If you’re feeling fancy substitute Cointreau for the triple sec. Now you have the best hard Dutch Cocoa in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s time to start mulling over what to do for the family gathering and how to bear the cold glances (and weather, of course). One of my favorite things to have when the weather turns is a steaming pot of mulled wine. It’s great for parties and gatherings of all festive sorts and makes your house smell awesome.

Get a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, two cups of cranberry juice, two cups of apple cider, a quarter cup of dark brown sugar and one peeled and sliced orange to put in a pot. Then add at least six whole cloves, a few cinnamon sticks, a pinch of nutmeg and about a quarter cup of brandy for an extra kick. Heat everything except the brandy. Once it simmers, decrease the heat to warm and add the brandy. Dish out and enjoy.

There’s a lot of winning going on for the Cougs. With this in mind, I just want to remind everyone that, as your King, I would rather raise a glass with you toasting a victory than raising a glass to your passing. Please be safe out there, you drunken bastards and bottoms up.