Local GOP officials dismiss voting privilege from PCO

Committee members say Allsup, his beliefs ‘have no place here’



Chairwoman Sandi Brabb, left, and State Committeeman John Brabb, right, discuss James Allsup’s role as a precinct committee officer Saturday at the Commissioners Chambers.

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen editor-in-chief

Whitman County Republican Central Committee officials unanimously voted to withdraw James Allsup’s voting seat as a precinct committee officer (PCO) on Saturday during the WCRCC meeting.

A precinct committee officer participates and assists during political campaigns. Allsup initially gained the position due to an uncontested race, according to an Evergreen article.

Chairwoman Sandra Brabb said Allsup will not be recognized as a member of the committee and will have a PCO captain take his place. 60 percent of the total voting members must be present, and only 60 percent of those present are required to vote in approval. 12 voting members were present in the meeting.

A vetting committee comprised of four members recommended that Allsup should not be allowed to vote. Allsup, the former president of WSU College of Republicans, helped with the 2016 presidential election but “dropped off the deep end,” State Committeeman John Brabb said.

One of John’s concerns is whether Allsup still lives in Whitman County. He said Allsup claims to have an apartment in Pullman and a house in Spokane. Another concern is Allsup’s involvement in Identity Evropa, a group comprised of white nationalists.

Allsup’s membership in the group does not represent Whitman County GOP’s values, John said. One of Identity Evropa’s policies include taking advantage of the PCO system and conquering a party “from the bottom up,” he said.

Identity Evropa has radical views on immigration that does not fit with their standard, John said.

“One of the most concerning statements in an interview [was when] Mr. Allsup said he’s not gonna be out there holding the banner for Republicans,” John said. “The PCO position is a means to an end.”

Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy referred to Allsup’s participation at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and proposed he should be voted out of his position.

“We all saw the tape of what happened to Charlottesville … James Allsup joined the Nazis in their march,” Tracy said. “His beliefs have no place here. He’s got no place here. He didn’t even bother to show up here.”

Whitman County Commissioner Art Swannack also said Allsup did not fit Whitman County GOP’s values.

“He represents a radical Nazi, white supremacist-type activity that my mom, who was a German immigrant, opposed all the way through World War II,” Swannack said. “I do not believe he should be seated here either.”

John referred to a Facebook post Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) issued last year on June 5 in regards to Allsup’s position in the Whitman County GOP, as well as Allsup’s response to McMorris Rodgers.

“Cathy, I am fighting for the things your voters elected you to fight for,” Allsup said in his comment.