ASWSU creates blog for students, community

Website will launch in hopes of connecting WSU to wider area



Keegan Otter, ASWSU Director of Community Affairs, asks for student and community engagement.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen managing editor

Director of Community Affairs Keegan Otter spoke at the ASWSU meeting on Wednesday about creating a blog for students focused on activities to try around Pullman.

The blog will be connected to the ASWSU website through a hyperlink, Otter said.

He said the blog posts would be written and submitted by students. Otter said students who want to post to the blog should take a picture of something they did in Pullman, like go on a hike or to a restaurant and write about it.

The language used on the blog posts would be screened, Otter said. He said all submissions will go through CougSync and would be approved by the director of communication, other directors involved in the project or himself.

The approval for the blog will be coming through the Executive Communications Department of ASWSU to edit the website, Otter said. Once that is approved the website will be launched.

It gives the students an opportunity to get involved in the community and contribute to ASWSU, Otter said.

“They feel more connected that way,” he said.

There are teams in charge of website design, event planning and survey building dedicated to making ASWSU the best it could be, Brandon Crawford, director of communication said.

“As far as Keegan’s blog I will be very much in the works with him about it,” Crawford said.

Crawford said there are web designers who will help develop the blog. He said he will give Otter access to the website and will proof-read blog posts to ensure the language is appropriate.

The website still needs some adjustments in order to have better functionality to provide better access for students and more interactions so students know how to get involved right away, Crawford said.

Otter said they are trying to build, “something that is everlasting.”