City Council discusses code enforcement, poverty

Councilmember says poverty on the Palouse is an important issue



Councilmember Ann Parks asks about future efforts for coordination with ASWSU regarding mental health during the Pullman City Council meeting Tuesday night in Pullman City Hall.

SANDY VO, Evergreen reporter

Pullman City Council and a member from ASWSU discussed code enforcement and mental health at a meeting Tuesday night.

“I think it [would] be wise to have another update on code enforcement, especially [for] students that ASWSU represent,” a councilmember said.

They also discussed mental health and how effective law enforcement is in handling it.

Weller said another big issue they hope to bring awareness to is poverty on the Palouse.

“It’s an important issue to discuss,” Councilmember Nathan Weller said. “I want to bring in more experts to talk about it.”

Mayor Glenn Johnson said there was a collaboration between the Community Action Center and local dining services. He said both groups limit food waste and repackage food.

Councilmembers also plan to replace and relocate a waterline along SW Autumn Street and SW Summer Street.

The council entered a contract with Motley-Motley Inc. to provide a well-built waterline in order to keep it from breaking. The waterline broke three times over a ten year period.