Taco truck comes to Pullman

Employee David Medina talks about how he plans to get involved with the Pullman community by taking the truck to public events.

CHRIS ARNESON, Evergreen reporter

Taqueria Las Torres has cornered the taco food truck market in Pullman, establishing their second location on the Palouse.

Taqueria was opened as a taco food truck in the Tacoma area about 15 years ago, but was forced to take its business to a new environment with less saturation, said David Medina, company employee and cousin of business owner Manuel Valdovinos.

“There are too many taco trucks in the Seattle area,” Medina said. “Manuel was looking for a good place for business and got the jackpot here in Pullman and Moscow.”

Medina holds a great deal of optimism for the food truck that was on its third day of business in Pullman on Thursday.

“Every day it is getting better,” Medina said. “There is a lot of traffic from the university and the same thing in Moscow.”

As for how Taqueria plans to expand as a business now that it is in Pullman, Medina is not stressed about rushing to flood the market.

“People love our food,” he said, “so there is no need for advertising now.”

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The food truck is mainly relying on its customer base to spread by word of mouth. The only factor Taqueria Las Torres can control in that equation is the quality of their food and service, both of which he said are top notch, according to their clientele.

“Everything is popular,” Medina said as he pointed things out on the menu and talked about what brings people back to their taco truck. “People love the enchiladas with corn tortillas.”

He said the most popular item on the menu, in the eyes and stomach of a typical Taqueria customer, is the marinated pork.

Medina said they will continue to expand with a third truck, specifically focused on catering events. The truck will supply cuisine at community events, such as veteran or law enforcement fundraisers, Medina said.

When customers rank their food with other restaurants on the Palouse offering Mexican cuisine, Medina said with a chuckle it is “La Casa Lopez [in Moscow] and now us,” in the eyes of the public at large.

Taqueria Las Torres, located in the Puffin Glass Studios parking lot, will hold summer hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.