Car accidents higher than average as icy conditions continue

Eight reports of car crashes exceeds average number



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CODY SCHOELER, Evergreen reporter

There were eight reported traffic accidents in Pullman due to slick road conditions on Sunday, said Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant.

None of the accidents resulted in injuries because the vehicles were going at low speeds, Tennant said.

A typical day in Pullman has about one or two accidents, he said, but there have been more due to icy conditions.

Tennant said one of the accidents involved three cars on Terre View Drive.

A vehicle was attempting to make it up the steep hill in the slick conditions and spun out, he said. Instead of trying to back down the hill when it was clear, the car tried to complete a U-turn.

“The next two cars coming over the hill ended up colliding with the vehicle that made a poor decision in the snow,” Tennant said.

The majority of the accidents occurred in the afternoon because that is when the weather was the worst, he said.

As of around 1:30 p.m. on Monday there were two more traffic accidents, Tennant said.

Pullman Police expect the slick roads conditions to continue. He said the police department looks at the weather report and is prepared whenever they see snowy weather about to hit.

One way to combat the slick roads is to have snow tires or decent snow equipment, like four-wheel drive, he said.

“A lot of times people have absolutely worn-out summer tires on their car,” Tennant said. “They are totally slick, that honestly should not be on the road.”

Drivers also should use the correct speed and anticipation, he said. It can be difficult to stop on icy roads, Tennant said, and people should not drive like they do in the summertime.

He said drivers should plan their routes around Pullman to avoid streets that can be harder to drive on during the snow.