ASWSU funds Springfest artists, decides location

Student leaders give $5,500 for artists fee, move event indoors



Mariela Frias-Gomez, co-director of Diversity and Inclusion, talks to ASWSU about efforts made to reach out to LGBTQ+ and veteran students at WSU on Wednesday at the CUB.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen managing editor

ASWSU senators approved funding for artists at Springfest, which has been moved to Beasley. Also during Wednesday night’s meeting, the Department of Diversity and Inclusion presented to ASWSU regarding results of the multicultural fundraiser that happened on Tuesday.

Approved Funding

ASWSU approved $5,500 to cover the artists at Springfest. David Fraser, marketing director for the Student Entertainment Board, said they will hold Springfest this year at Beasley Coliseum.

Springfest was moved from an outdoor venue to Beasley Coliseum to decrease costs, said Sarah Sehrt, SEB’s special events director.

Fraser said they were able to get most of the artists requested by students on a survey conducted by SEB. About 1,500 students filled out the survey.

“We’re really excited and hopefully we’ll announce that next week,” Sehrt said.

Department of Diversity and Inclusion updates

Mariela Frias-Gomez and Jerry Martinez, co-directors for the Department of Diversity and Inclusion, worked together during the past few weeks to organize the annual multicultural fundraiser that took place Tuesday, Frias-Gomez said.

Martinez said the event raised about $8,000 from ticket sales alone, not including the amount raised from auction sales and donations.

Frias-Gomez said they have also reached out to different organizations and communities across campus in order to have a diverse group of individuals running for ASWSU Senate positions.

“We made it our duty to speak one-on-one and encourage individuals to see themselves in these positions,” she said.

Frias-Gomez said she is working with Jaime Nolan, associate vice president for Community, Equity and Inclusive Excellence on a project centered on social justice and education.

They will meet soon and have talked about bringing the project to WSU’s Week of Welcome, she said.

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