Letter from the Mint editor: So long for now

JENNIFER LADWIG, Former Evergreen mint editor

Well, with this edition of The Daily Evergreen comes the end of a hell of a semester for your favorite Mint editor. Looking back to last December, I remember the nerves I felt as I was thrust into a position I felt all too unprepared for.

But, after surviving eight months as editor-in-chief, I was given the opportunity to create Mint, a new section in the paper that focused on the gems of the Palouse. Well, at least we tried. As a new section with little to base my design and content on, it was completely the product of trial and error, so thanks for sticking with me.

I am happy to announce that I will be returning to The Daily Evergreen as the Mint editor again this coming fall. Mint will also be replacing the Life & Leisure section of The Summer Evergreen starting next week.

However, I will be handing the reins over to Latisha Jensen, the fall 2017 life editor, who will try her hand at Mint this summer while I am away for study abroad. I will be participating in the Murrow expedition to Greece, where I will get to wield a fancy camera and pretend that I know what I’m doing.

This summer and fall semester, I hope to refine Mint’s voice, and dive into some more obscure topics. I know the Palouse has so much to offer, and I cannot wait to shine a light on all of its small-town glory. I plan to have another issue focused on downtown Pullman and Moscow, as well as another marijuana edition. Beyond that, I hope to spotlight more college artists, including finally bringing in a creative writing student to provide some different forms of content. I am excited to see what the next few months will bring for The Daily Evergreen and Mint, as well as the WSU Pullman campus in general. I hope it’ll be another exciting year.

Until next time, Cougs — screw the haters, and go slay.

Jennifer Ladwig is a senior communication major from Washougal. She can be contacted at [email protected].