Outreach group undergoes increase in reports

ATVP had a 7 percent increase in reports this year, 550 victims



Amy Volz, coordinator of the domestic violence services at the Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, says the organization served 404 victims from Whitman County and 192 victims from Latah County and surrounding rural areas.

ELAYNE RODRIGUEZ, Evergreen reporter

The Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse (ATVP) experienced an increase in domestic violence reports in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

A total of 596 victims in the Palouse received advocacy service from ATVP, according to the 2017-2018 ATVP Annual Report.

Amy Volz, coordinator of domestic violence services at ATVP, said they served 404 victims from Whitman County, and 192 victims from Latah County and surrounding rural towns. There was a 7 percent increase of domestic violence reports compared to the last annual report, in which they serviced 550 victims, she said.

Police Chief Gary Jenkins said victims aged 18 to 24 ranked the highest in reporting a domestic violence case, which was 33 percent.

Jenkins said 45 percent of those who reported a domestic violence case in the Palouse were male and 55 percent were female. On the other hand, 61 percent of offenders were male and 39 percent were female.

Volz said of the 404 reported domestic violence cases, 128 victims reached out to ATVP for the first time, 107 victims received service in the previous year and are still receiving services, 68 are new assault victims, 26 are ongoing assault victims, five are stalked victims, 51 are victims of other crimes, and 19 are ongoing victims of other crimes.

“Other crimes can include sexual assault, harassment, hate crime, trafficking and child abuse,” Volz said.

Jenkins said the 2018 top-three categories for domestic violence are: boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, and spouse cases.

He said 52 percent of reported domestic violence happens in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship cases and is the highest reported category.

Volz said they have an outreach plan that tries to target certain areas and populations. ATVP volunteers at community festivals and promotes its services over the summer.

ATVP advertised with flyers, brochures, as well as magnets in public libraries, health facilities and courthouses to inform people that they provide supportive services to victims and survivors, she said.

“We are working really hard to make sure — to people — that we are out here to serve them,” Volz said.

She said they help educate people about what domestic violence and sexual assault looks like, how to help friends who are experiencing it and what sources are available.

Volz said offices in Moscow and Pullman have moved into more prominent locations and include part-time staff members.

Offices are in locations including the Gladish Community & Cultural Center, the Whitman County Courthouse and 407 S Washington St.

“We are trying to make sure there is not a barrier to reach out to us,” Volz said.

ATVP can be reached at the 24-hour hotline, (509)-332-4357, for assistance or questions.


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