Residential areas to be swept weekly

College Hill, Military, Sunnyside, Pioneer will be affected



Roads in Pullman will be swept by trucks like this one to remove excess gravel that was left over from winter.

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter

Scheduled sweeping will occur in residential areas to remove gravel, debris and other materials from the streets Wednesday and Thursday of every week.

Pullman Maintenance Supervisor Brian Druffel said two vacuum sweeping machines are used to complete the sweeping.

He said the machines are used to sweep off traction aggregate, which is gravel, from the streets after every winter.

Cristin Reisenauer, Pullman Maintenance and Operations administrative specialist, said the sweeping is scheduled to pass through one residential area per week: Military, Sunnyside, Pioneer and College Hill.

The cycle of street sweeping will restart at the beginning of each month, she said.

Druffel said sweeping does not occur during severe weather conditions, like snow and ice.

He said sweeping began after the end of February’s constant winter storms.

“We run from 2 a.m. until midnight,” Druffel said. “We run almost 24 hours a day.”

He said due to noise ordinance in Pullman, the sweeping machines do not operate in residential areas during certain hours. Instead, they sweep nonresidential streets.

Reisenauer said downtown Pullman is swept Thursday morning on a weekly basis.

“We do encourage residents to sweep naturally occurring debris off the sidewalks and into the streets on the days leading up to scheduled sweeping of their neighborhood,” she said.

Druffel said residents should move garbage cans from the street and should not attempt to park on the streets during the days when sweeping is scheduled for their area.