Stubblefields steals the show

At this bar, people can drink, dance and even hold Madden tournaments.

Stubblefields won the Students Choice Awards for best beer (cheap and craft), best date spot, best wine, best 21st birthday celebration, best place to dance, best lunch, best cocktail, best late night meal, best happy hour, but most importantly, best bar.

“Stubblefields is a place where people come to have fun,” Manager Tommy Gunz said, “to escape their everyday school life.”

The bar has a full food menu during all business hours, as well as TVs and projectors for sports games and a wide selection of alcohol. There is also a dance floor downstairs.

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At Stubblefields, patrons can watch the Cougars and other sports teams or bring in game consoles. On the dance floor, the music caters to the crowd, Gunz said.

Every night is different, from Wing Night on Wednesdays to karaoke on Tuesdays. Minors are allowed in the bar until eleven.

Bartender Javone McClelland, who won the Student Choice Award for best bartender, said they carry different kinds of vodkas and upper liquors, which normally sell more often when moms and dads come to visit. Their specials include $4 whiskey on Wednesdays, Long Island Night on Thursday and Sex on the Beach on Fridays.

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“The most popular one on Wednesday is Jameson,” she said. “People get a lot of gin and tonics and whiskey cokes.”

While most of the clientele are college-age kids, Stubblefields sees people from all over Pullman. McClelland said she enjoys seeing the different people who come in, and Gunz said he likes their energy.

At the end of the night, the “Cheers” theme song plays in the bar. It is a tradition to represent the feel of Stubblefields. This is a place where people can meet old and new friends, Gunz said, and everyone knows your name at the end of the night.