DJ Goldfinger: Painting with music

DJ Goldfinger, general manager and DJ at Stubblefields, may use vinyl records and turntables to DJ, but his music is anything but old-school.

“I’m a music nerd,” Goldfinger said. “I love to DJ. I wake up thinking about it, I could be in the middle of something and thinking about DJ’ing, I go to bed and I’m still thinking about DJ’ing.”

Goldfinger has been DJ’ing since he was 15. He listened to MTV, bought some equipment and never looked back.

“I like to play Top 40, but with a twist,” Goldfinger said. “For example, I might be playing a YG song and throw in some Phil Collins.”

Goldfinger came to Pullman about 19 years ago to study communication, and started DJ’ing courtyard parties at the Campus Commons apartments. After that, he was introduced to Greek Row, and knew Pullman was the place to be.

“DJ is my art, my life, it’s how I paint,” Goldfinger said. “The canvas is blank, then people start showing up, and it’s art on the fly.”

The main reason Goldfinger prefers to use turntables and a mixer as his weapons of choice is because of their flexibility. Instead of creating set lists and mixes beforehand, turntables and a mixer allow him to edit live, Goldfinger said.

“I want people to come here because they appreciate being there. You come to Stubblefields, and somebody is going to know your name. Someone is going to like you, and want to be a part of what you are doing,” Goldfinger said. “I want you to come here and meet somebody. I want you to meet your next best friend, your next boyfriend or girlfriend. This moment is for now and there will never be another. I want you to share that moment.”

DJ Goldfinger can be found every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night living it up at Stubblefields. He also does other gigs. In fact, he is booked for two Coug weddings this summer.

Pullman can be embodied by Goldfinger’s signature closing song, the theme song from Cheers, with its famous lyrics of “Where everybody knows your name.” Pullman is just that place, and DJ Goldfinger intends to keep it that way.