‘Dirty 230’ teaches vital information about natural instincts

Once again, students have chosen Psychology 230, nicknamed “dirty 230” for its focus on human sexuality, as best course at WSU.

The professor, Laurie Smith, educates students about human sexuality. In fact, her first job at WSU was a teaching assistant for Psych 230.

Human sexuality touches on biological sex, which Smith dubs the “organ recital.” However, the course also covers subjects such as attachment styles, sexual expression and power in sexual relationships.

“I try to guide people to clarify their values to decide what’s best for them,” she said, “[and] to feel less shame and stigma around sexuality.”

The class is incredibly popular among students, with about 500 open seats every semester. However, Psych 230 is not just for psychology majors. Many students take it to fulfill the social science requirement in the UCORE curriculum.

“I try to make [the class] really comprehensive,” Smith said. “No matter who takes it, everyone can profit from knowing these things.”

Perhaps students have dubbed “Dirty 230,” best class because of the important knowledge taught in class. Human sexuality is foundational for people’s lives and happiness, Smith said.

“We spend more time trying to educate people about how to drive a car, or what phone to buy,” she said.

Learning about human sexuality and the decisions surrounding this subject are just as important, she said. Students have approached her and claimed that the class has changed their lives for the better. Smith will teach Psychology 230 again in fall.