Master your golf game for one credit

The official title of this one-credit course is dull and boring (PE ACTIV 141), but there is so much more that enrollees can get out of this class than what is on the surface.

The purpose of one-credit PE classes is to keep students on track to graduate. If a student is at 15 credits for a given semester and needs 16 to stay on track for graduation, this class is the perfect solution. I am even taking this class next semester.

Taking a one-credit course is a brilliant idea because it gives you leisure time outside of “book and paper” style classes to take your mind off other things by going outside and doing an activity. Even for avid golf fans like me, this class gives students a chance to really master their golf game on a platform where they’ll be practicing two or three times a week.

Another benefit of this class is that it is the crutch that keeps you from having to take another three-credit class just to stay on track. This would put someone at 18 credits for a semester, which is a substantial workload for anyone. My roommate, Nate Lewis, is taking this course this semester and raves about the brilliance of such a simple class.

“There are so many other beneficial areas that this course provides just besides playing golf,” he said. “If you’re a golf fan like me, you can work at your game while taking a break from strenuous classes.”

WSU offers other one-credit classes involving sports, but none of them capture the importance of relaxing your mind quite like the game of golf.

Tyler Shuey is a junior communication major from Kingston. He can be contacted at 335-1140 or by [email protected]