Opinion editors hope to encourage civil discourse



Alex Biviano, Opinion Editor for The Daily Evergreen, is starting off the summer working hard at his desk.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

The First Amendment grants freedom of speech to those who reside in the United States. This fundamental principle of our democracy not only makes the U.S. a hotbed for new ideas but creates a system where everyone has a chance to feel represented, even on the small scale that social media can offer.

The Daily Evergreen is that representation for its writers and editorial staff. By enabling students to develop their writing skills, professionalism and employability, the Evergreen has a measurable real-world impact.

However, the trait that separates the Evergreen from other student-run newspapers is not its staff or the content we publish. It’s you, the reader. Readers are where news outlets get their credibility.

We rely on readers to hold us to a high standard through social media comments, letters to the editor and WSU message boards. It’s part of the reason this student-run newspaper earns a level of credibility on par with larger news outlets in the region.

As the opinion editor I promise to maintain the high standard previous opinion editors have set and deliver well-written, well-researched content that you deserve.

In addition to serving readers, one of the biggest services the Evergreen provides is helping the next generation of journalists develop their skills. Because of this, I am dedicated to helping our writers learn. By taking the time to develop our student writers, The Daily Evergreen can grow into an even better opinion section going forward. A writer-first system will not only create better content for the Summer Evergreen but will improve the Evergreen for years to come.   

In order to give our columnists time to develop, opinion editor Alana Lackner and I will maintain an increased level of accountability. The inevitable criticism should stay with us rather than coming down on a columnist who is just getting their feet wet in journalism.

I promise to have well-researched and truthful information published in my section. If there is any doubt about any information feel free to email Lackner and I at [email protected]. We will show that the information published is factual, or we will correct any mistakes that have slipped through. 

The opinions expressed will be that of the writing staff and will not depend on the personal beliefs of Lackner or myself. We strive to provide perspectives from diverse sides of the political spectrum.

While some feel that the opinion section at the Evergreen carries a left-leaning reputation, Lackner and I strive to present a truly neutral section that allows for strong, clear and possibly controversial pieces that reflect the writer’s point of view no matter what that is.

Having an unfiltered opinion is what caused me to fall in love with the Evergreen when I started contributing to the paper my first year on campus.

Through open communication and civil discourse, this summer can continue its long tradition of excellence. Leave comments that are constructive — they will make young writers better.

By having an open dialogue between the paper and its readers, the Evergreen will further improve itself as one of the best student-run newspapers in the country.