Police ensure safety on first day of school



Kamiak Elementary School Principal Evan Hecker endorses safety for students beginning the school year.

CAITLIN KOONCE, Evergreen reporter

The Pullman Police Department will reinforce traffic laws in school zones as it prepares for the beginning of the school year Wednesday.

Scott Patrick, school resource officer from the Pullman PD, said police will be at every school throughout the school year to ensure the safety of all students.

He said the school zone traffic laws are strictly enforced to keep all students safe and it is common for the police department to patrol school zones.

Increased enforcement for the first day is for all parents and students to properly adapt to the upcoming school year, Patrick said.

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow the pick-up and drop-off zone protocols to avoid problems, Patrick said. There will be speed monitors to ensure drivers obey the speed limit.

Kamiak Elementary Principal Evan Hecker said it is important for citizens to adapt to the new changes for the first day at Kamiak Elementary because the new rules and police presence will bring a lot of confusion and concern for parents.

Hecker said having the Pullman PD on school grounds is positive. It ensures the safety of students and decreases the potential for problems.