Executives declare candidacy

From staff reports

The ASWSU 2017 election season began on Friday, with two presidential tickets announcing their candidacy.

Zachary Anders and Jordan Frost will be running for president with Kai Amos and Garrett Kalt as their respective vice presidents.

Anders and Amos said a vote for them is a vote for change, while Frost and Kalt’s campaign is looking to “change the conversation,” according to their campaign websites.

Frost is currently serving as the ASWSU chief of staff, and Kalt is an all-campus ASWSU Senator. Anders was the ASWSU Election Board chair and the Residential Hall Association vice president, as well as a reporter for The Daily Evergreen. Amos is the editor-in-chief of the Chinook yearbook, which, along with the Evergreen, falls under the Office of Student Media.

The Frost-Kalt campaign states that they are dedicated to four main pillars: community, safety, academics and transparency. On their website, videos detail their plans for each pillar.

Anders and Amos have stated that their campaign will focus on an accountable administration, lowering student fees and building a diverse and accessible student government.

“After decades of the same leadership, offering the same solutions, and falling short of the same promises, do we want to continue to elect the same?” the candidates stated on the Anders-Amos campaign website.

The home page of the Frost-Kalt campaign website states that both candidates have spent years in student government serving the ASWSU community.

Each presidential ticket will be able to spend a maximum of $1,092 on campaigning. Both campaigns have already created Facebook pages and websites.

The ASWSU election will be held between March 6 and 8, and the general debate will be held on March 5.

Reporting by Carmen Jaramillo