Mix it up and have fun with your style this year


TEVA MEYER AND LUKE HOLLISTER | Evergreen photo illustration

Take the upcoming change in seasons to make a change in your fashion identity.

JENNIFER LADWIG, Former Evergreen mint editor

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my phone. Then it’s the struggle to get out of bed. Then there’s a bathroom break. Maybe some breakfast, and finally, the outfit.

Possibly one of the most difficult decisions I have to make in my morning (a close contender with whether to get up or go back to sleep) is picking out what to wear is just too stressful. Do I want to build my outfit around a shirt? How about those new shoes? Or maybe I’ve been feeling accessories and want to show off my favorite necklace. What’s the weather like? Do I need a heavy coat? Should I wear waterproof shoes? How long am I going to be out? Will I run into someone I don’t want catching me looking like a slob?

Granted, I tend to overthink everything, so it’s not surprising that I struggle every morning to decide what to wear. But this does seem to be the trend with women. Clothing is how we can be individuals, how we express ourselves without even having to talk.

So, in order to look decent, we spend 10 minutes staring at our closet, digging around for inspiration, instead of eating breakfast. Here’s a piece of advice: pick that one piece you want in the outfit, be it a scarf or shirt or shoes, then just wear black with it. Because black goes with everything and it makes you look all dark and mysterious and kind of keeps people away. Also, it’s slimming.

We are nearing a new season, which means new clothes will come out, and that means we can change our style. Now is our chance to dress outrageously.

Men, this goes for you, too. I know you really like your Nike sweatshirt and blue jeans. But try some nice tan jeans. Or maybe a fancy coat. Scarves are cool, too. When it gets warmer, your options do dwindle as the bro tanks and shorts come back out, but you can still shake things up then, too. New shoes might be a good choice. Just put the tall socks in the back of the drawer, please.

An easy way to mix it up is to get a haircut. It’s good for your hair to cut off all the damaged ends once in a while, and it’s a fun change that won’t last forever.

So take advantage of the fact that you will likely never have to deal with the people in your class again, or that you just don’t care anymore, and try something new. It can be as simple as wearing long earrings when you’ve always worn studs. Or you can do an entire makeover and go from princess to punk. Who cares? Just please, stop with this trend where all the girls wear black leggings, puffy down coats and Uggs. You all look the same to me, and I’m even trying to tell you apart. Find your individuality and look unique.

So what’s the point of this word vomit? Try something new with your style, and don’t care who looks. You feeling that trench coat? Do it. Digging the crop top? Show off that tummy. Screw the haters, and go slay.