College pro tips: Week two


Classes, round two:

1. To prevent an unplanned nap in class, contemplate your existence so you’ll never be able to sleep again.

2. Introduce yourself to all your professors if you haven’t already. Seriously though, this helps a lot when you need to ask for a favor later on.

3. If you are thinking about going to a recreation center, choose the one closest to your home. The added walking may be good, but the less time you spend on the ice, the better your chances are to stay upright.

4. When doing your yearly Facebook clean up, be sure to check the background of every photo from all your friends to make sure there isn’t an embarrassing pic in there somewhere.

5. Pack two lunches when you go to class, just in case you get stranded in a blizzard on your way.

6. Waddle like a penguin whenever you’re on ice. They live on ice. They sleep on ice. And they survive. So they must be doing something right. Channel thy inner penguin, go forth and conquer.

7. Don’t wear Uggs for at least the next two months. Although cute and comfy, they do not handle the snow well, as they are not waterproof. Plus, they have zero traction, making snow and ice travel difficult.