‘Go Cougs mural’ draws attention from drivers

WSU alumnus, others worked on display from 9 a.m. to dark



The 210-by-260 foot artwork was created by Kansas artist Stan Herd.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Former Evergreen reporter

Drivers passing through the intersection of State Route 270 and U.S. Route 195 can see a large “Go Cougs Mural” ingrained in a nearby wheat field.

For the past week, the 210-by-260-foot artwork has decorated a field owned by Jack Fulf’s Family Farm and has drawn attention from drivers and Pullman residents, Fulfs said.

“Everywhere I go, I hear about it,” he said. “I’m glad this happened, no one has really done any crop artwork out here.”

Fulfs, a WSU alumnus, said he graduated from the university in 1970.

The artwork was created by Kansas artist Stan Herd. Fulfs said he was expecting Herd to bring a team and he would get to stand back and watch.

“I found out that a friend of mine and I would be the crew,” he said.

Fulfs said they worked on the display for a week from about 9 a.m. to dark. While he said he was used to the hills at age 71, Herd, who is 69, was worn out at the end of each day from his experience working on flat ground.

The artwork is sponsored by Boeing Credit Union and promotes the WSU-BECU partnership. Fulfs said they compensated him for the mural and gave him a bottle of Scotch whiskey after it was finished.

“It’s really gratifying that I was a part of the work,” he said.

The mural was created shortly after the credit union announced the creation of WSU-themed debit and credit cards. This weekend is also the university’s homecoming weekend and will be on display to drivers.

“It looks so much better from above,” Fulfs said. “The higher the car you’re sitting in, the better you can see it.”