ASWSU fills government vacancies

Geordy Greene, Taylor Heersink confirmed by Senate on Jan. 17



Geordy Greene, a senior studying political science, was confirmed as a member of ASWSU’s election committee at the ASWSU meeting Jan. 15 at the CUB.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Former Evergreen reporter

Two new members were confirmed to ASWSU departments during the ASWSU senate meeting Jan. 15.

Geordy Greene, senior political science major, was confirmed to the ASWSU election board. Taylor Heersink, junior elementary education major, was confirmed as deputy director of legislative affairs after not receiving the position last December.

“I basically just kind of threw [Heersink] to the wolves here,” ASWSU President Quinton Berkompas said. “[Heersink] is a lot more ready tonight and I can tell you that [Heersink] is the best person for the job.”

Berkompas said Heersink’s role is to get students registered to vote.

Heersink said her ability to be outgoing and meet people face-to-face will help her with voter registration, as well as being a leader at ASWSU.

Berkompas said Greene has election experience outside of ASWSU, which will prove to be beneficial to the election board.

“I’ve worked on numerous campaigns, winning and losing,” Greene said. “I know what works, what doesn’t work.”

Greene said he would like to incorporate more technology such as QR codes into ASWSU elections to increase student voter turnout.

Berkompas said the senate has two vacancies. If another vacancy occurs, a special election would be held for the senate in order to fill those vacancies.

“So if you’re looking at resigning, please slow down and let [a vacancy] get filled first,” he said.