Event cancelled due to COVID-19

Undocumented Closet was set for March 12, students to try on clothes from GIESORC’s Fluid Fashion Boutique; to be rescheduled

JARED BRADLEY, Evergreen reporter

The Undocumented Closet event created by Undocumented Initiatives and GIESORC has been postponed due to concerns of COVID-19 coronavirus.

The event was soft-cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19, said Marcela Pattinson, Director of Undocumented Initiatives.

Matthew Jeffries, GIESORC director, said the event’s date will be reevaluated following spring break. He said he does not know when the event will happen.

“[Undocumented Closet] was really trying to highlight that we have this space; this closet,” he said. “We’ll still be open. So, folks, [should] come up and grab stuff if [they] want it.”

The Undocumented Closet was set to be an event for students to try on the clothes kept in the GIESORC Fluid Fashion Boutique. It was set for March 12.

Jeffries said it is tough to figure out the new date; as classes are transitioning to being online, and spring break is coming up.

Jeffries said the event’s new date will be announced as soon as it is decided. The event will be advertised when the new date is decided.