Grub Hunt: Takeout, stay home edition

Located on Main Street in Pullman, Oasis offers tasty comfort options

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor

For those who can’t cook or are accustomed to eating out frequently, mealtime social distancing can be a bit of a nightmare.

Luckily, dozens of restaurants in Pullman are offering takeout and delivery options for whatever your cabin fever may have you craving.

Local businesses need support now more than ever, so be sure to tip well when you do order out.

Oasis Teriyaki and Pho was my choice for takeout this week. It is just down the hill from campus, so I enjoyed a walk in the sun to pick up my food.

The restaurant has lots of options on the menu, from all types of teriyaki to different rice and veggie dishes. They also serve soups and sides.

I settled on wonton soup and a side order of gyoza for my dinner.

When I got home, I opened the soup container and discovered not only a massive portion, but a broth rich with vegetables. It tasted more like homemade chicken soup with dumplings than what I would expect from wonton soup, but that’s not something I’m complaining about.

I wouldn’t say I’m a connoisseur when it comes to gyoza, but I will admit they are one of my favorite foods. The gyoza at Oasis did not disappoint. The dipping sauce, an essential part of the experience, could have used a bit more vinegar, but was a complement to the gyoza nonetheless.

I will definitely be going back to satisfy my soup cravings, though next time I would like to try one of the many varieties of pho.

Oasis is located at 530 E. Main St. in Pullman.

If Oasis isn’t your style or you’re in the mood for something else, I’ve compiled a list of just a few of my favorite local restaurants that are offering takeout and/or delivery.

  • Birch and Barley is offering carry-out comfort food, including Cougar Gold mac-n-cheese and other staples.
  • Cougar Country Drive In has their normal menu available for either takeout or drive thru.
  • Zoe’s Coffee and Kitchen has takeout of its full menu and free delivery. It’s also a quick walk for those living on campus.

Community members have created a more comprehensive list of takeout options, including new business hours for most restaurants in Pullman.