Purpose Roasters changes management, continues to expand

Doors of coffee shop closed March 14; now open for business



Purpose Roasters, originally located at 301 S. Main St. in Colfax, moved locations next to Flowers, Decor & More.


Just when the front doors of a coffee shop in Colfax seemed like it was closed for good, it found a way to come back to life.

When Purpose Roasters opened in spring 2018, it started with spouses Travis and Janelle Harrison, as well as friend Nick Wright. 

The doors of the first Purpose Roasters’ cafe closed March 14, which was unrelated to COVID-19. This started a new type of business, said now-owner Wright. He and his wife, Briana, now run Purpose Roasters.

“When we first opened, there was community concern, like ‘we didn’t need another coffee shop,’” Wright said. “But people really started to come around.”

Once the community realized Purpose Roasters cared about the community and a high-quality, responsibly-sourced coffee, these concerns disappeared, he said.

Purpose Roasters eventually became a hangout spot characterized by employees who cared about the company and its impact, Wright said, as much as the owners did.

“When [Travis and Janelle] decided they wanted out of the cafe game, it was a natural transition,” he said. 

The transition had been in the works before the Purpose Roasters location had closed, Wright said.

“I was fairly blessed and happy to take over,” he said. “It was just a matter of how to present it to the community.”

The business is now located next door to Flowers, Decor & More on Main Street in Colfax. Customers can buy roasted coffee and drip coffee is offered by donation.

The flower shop next door is a wholesale customer of Purpose Roasters and uses the cafe’s syrup and drink recipes to offer coffees and lattes for customers, he said.

Wright is also open for coffee suggestions, purchasing and by appointment if a customer wanted to stop by the store after hours.

Cupping classes – like wine tasting, but for coffee – and roasting classes also are offered through Purpose Roasters.

Wright said he plans to tactfully continue expanding. 

“It’s tough because I don’t want to be that guy that’s running out and selling stuff right after a pandemic,” he said.

The small business would not have made it without the community support, and Wright looks forward to continuing to serve it, he said.

“The Colfax community has really kept us alive during this time,” Wright said. “I want to say thanks to the community around here for keeping us going and giving us support.”