Letter from the Editor: Mint is back, fresher than ever

Section will inform public on who’s still making moves, art coming out amid COVID

JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen mint editor

If there’s anything this summer proved, it’s that the world hasn’t stopped for COVID-19. It was inspiring to watch all the media, stories and content people have been making, not just as a response to COVID, but to the BLM movement, the election and just people in quarantine motivated by their own artistic vision. I can’t think of many other ways I’d rather spend my summer than covering it.

In my last letter from the editor, I talked about whether there needed to be a Mint section right now, especially at this time where so much of what we usually cover is on pause. This summer proved that we don’t need to be on pause because the creativity is still flowing. 

I promised as long as art didn’t stop, we wouldn’t. That commitment has only gotten stronger. Again, we’ve all seen these past few months that there has been no shortage of new stuff coming out and things to talk about.

This semester, I want to do even more. I want to check in on all the interesting people Mint has covered in the past and see what they’re doing now. I want to find out what clubs are doing and what events are going on over Zoom. I want to know what WSU students are doing outside of class even if we can’t be outside of the house, and I want you guys to know, too. Art is still thriving, and we’re going to keep finding out where.

So, welcome back to Mint. If you’re waiting to hear about what events are still going on, who’s still making moves, and what art is coming out during a pandemic, that’s what we’re here for. If you want to know what stories we’ve got up our sleeve, stay tuned. If you’re just here for the recipes (which everyone knows is the best part), that’s fine, too.