New podcast from SEL to explain science topics

The podcast emphasizes technology, engineering; it has obtained over 1,400 downloads



David Whitehead, host of Schweitzer Drive podcast, has made episodes with guests covering electrical power technology and business startups.

ASHLIE OXFORD, Evergreen reporter

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories created a new podcast aiming to turn complicated subjects, such as technology, business startups and engineering, into comprehensible information for the average listener.

Four episodes have been released, including an introduction to the podcast, said David Whitehead, SEL chief executive officer and host of podcast Schweitzer Drive.

Two episodes cover how to start a business with Edmund Schweitzer III, SEL president and chief technology officer. The third discusses electrical power technology with Greg Zweigle, research and development fellow engineer.

“It is fun to tell people about what goes on behind the scenes to make things work,” Zweigle said. 

The four Schweitzer Drive episodes have been downloaded over 1,400 times since its first release on Aug. 12, said Kate Wilhite, SEL senior corporate communications manager and podcast producer. 

Schweitzer Drive is in the top 50 percent of downloaded podcasts on Libsyn, a podcast hosting service, she said. A new episode will be released every two weeks.

The podcast is not geared toward those who want to take up engineering. It is meant to be light and conversational, Whitehead said.

“The idea is, I can have this discussion with my mom and she would understand what I am talking about,” he said. “We don’t want to get too technical.” 

Whitehead came up with the idea for Schweitzer Drive. He said he listens to a handful of other podcasts like Business Casual by Morning Brew and enjoys the interesting conversations people have.

For those interested in the podcast, it is on the SEL website as well as other websites where podcasts are found.