Letter From The Editor: Welcome to People of the Palouse

Mint editor re-introduces series focusing on local artists

JOEL KEMEGUE, Evergreen mint editor

If there’s one thing you notice working for The Daily Evergreen, it’s that Joel is a really cool editor, and you probably want to be just like him. Another thing is that you get to talk to and write about insane amount of cool people.

Actors, musicians, artists, people from different backgrounds with different talents and beliefs, and when the articles aren’t about them, you don’t have enough space or time to go into their lives. When you get to dedicate a whole article to those people though — really go in-depth about their lives and their work — it can be some of the most interesting and rewarding work in this job.

I thought Mint needed more opportunities like that if we were truly going to be the arts and culture section, which is why we’re bringing back People of the Palouse.

Way, way back in the ancient times of April 2019, Evergreen writer and former Mint editor Emma Ledbetter introduced People of the Palouse as a special week to feature stories about interesting people in our community and introduce readers to a couple of them. Everybody (probably) loved it, and if I hadn’t been too busy trying to get out of high school, I’d have loved it too.

We’re bringing it back for this week. In our ongoing quest to bring the best in arts and culture news, we want to spend this week hearing from the creators. We want to highlight their stories, their processes, what drives them to make the art they make.

At Mint, our job is to find the art and report on it, and what better way is there to do that than by finding the artists? Here is a chance to acquaint yourselves with some creative people from our community. I encourage you to check out what they’re doing, keep track of them, and support them if they interest you (and if you’re in the financial position to do so). Artists are an important part of every community, and we’re proud to feature some of our best in this paper.

If you have someone you think is artistic and interesting enough for a profile, send us an email at [email protected].