Zoom to no longer require passcodes for meeting

Original decision made to increase security; unknown why decision was reversed



Zoom is no longer requiring passcodes and waiting rooms for every meeting.

ANDREA GONZALEZ, Evergreen reporter

Zoom reversed its decision to require passcodes or waiting rooms for every virtual meeting conducted on the platform. 

The reversal of required passcodes or waiting rooms is a Zoom decision, not a WSU decision, said Jacqueline Southwick, communications manager of WSU Information Technology Services.

The original decision to require passcodes and waiting rooms was made in an attempt to increase security, Southwick said. This would protect participants who use Zoom services. 

The safety measures would have been implemented on Sept. 25.

Southwick said it is unusual for technology vendors to reverse their decisions. She said she does not know for certain why the decision was reversed but it could have been due to questions and concerns over the new changes. 

WSU ITS is working to identify how to inform people that the original Zoom change is not going forward, she said. Notifications will be sent out to users via WSU announcements. 

More information is available on WSU ITS’ website