Club promotes literature, creativity among students

WSU’s English Club provides space for readers, writers

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter

Students do not need to be a writer or a voracious reader to join WSU’s English Club — they can join to expand their horizons, find friends and participate in fun activities. WSU’s English Club provides a creative outlet for students to connect with one another. 

“If you love reading or writing, come to English Club,” club president Aidan Barger said.

The current advisor of the English Club, professor Rachael Wolney, said the club was founded by the chair of the English department, Donna Potts. Wolney said Potts had trouble meeting other people in her undergraduate program with similar interests and created the club with the purpose of making a space for people interested in English to come together. 

“[Potts] started the English Club out of the desire to create that space, and that is what the club continues to do,” Wolney said.

Barger said the goals of the club are to promote and encourage discussion of books, writing and poetry. The English Club provides opportunities to connect not only with other students but career professionals as well. The club often has guest speakers and collaborations with the English department. Their guests range from comic writers to poets, and more. 

Puneet Bsanti, English Club vice president, said the club has been a respite from the stress of the pandemic this year.

“The first meeting we had this semester, I forgot about all the problems going on, and it felt so refreshing engaging with a group of people,” she said. “It can be very lonely in quarantine and so having English Club this semester helps.” 

This student-led club usually meets in the Bundy Reading Room in Avery Hall but has moved their operations online for the time being.

Although things look a little different this year, the club still puts together activities including poetry workshops, movie nights and even a murder mystery activity. Bsanti and Barger both expressed excitement for their themed meetings, including a Halloween and a Christmas meeting. 

“We try to do our best to make things fun and we are getting a little more creative with our online meetings,” said Bsanti. 

The club is a place to enjoy English, but it is also a place to meet new people.

“I’ve made amazing friends and met really great people through the club,” Bsanti said. “Talking about my interests in writing and reading really brings a sense of happiness to me.”

Those who want to get involved with the English Club can contact the president at [email protected] or the faculty adviser at [email protected]. The club also has a Facebook and Instagram page with updates.