WSU Libraries asks for website-user feedback

Participants to complete scenarios like accessing online articles, checking out books, navigating website



The board will be made up of no more than 10 undergraduate and graduate students.

ANDREA GONZALEZ, Evergreen reporter

Ben Rearick used to sit in the Compton Union Building and ask students for their feedback about WSU Libraries, but staff at WSU Libraries changed the way they collect feedback because of pandemic restrictions.

Rearick, WSU web services and usability librarian, said WSU Libraries staff are looking for participants to sign up and complete surveys, usability tests and feedback sessions that will help improve the libraries’ website.

Anybody who uses the libraries, including students, faculty and staff, can participate and sign up, he said. 

Individuals who sign up will have to provide information like their email address and how often they use the libraries’ website, Rearick said. As an incentive, individuals who sign up can win a $15 gift card. 

It is important to receive feedback from people who are not as familiar with the website because WSU Libraries wants to make it user friendly, said Niki Dixon, senior computer science major. 

Dixon said she creates scenarios called usability tests that users have to complete.

These scenarios require users to test certain features on WSU Libraries’ website, like accessing online articles, checking out books and navigating the website, she said. 

Rearick said the usability tests consist of four studies. Each study requires five people to complete five to 10 scenarios. 

The tests involve people going on Zoom for 30-60 minutes and share their screens while they complete the scenarios, he said. 

Dixon said she will be using the feedback they receive to make changes to the website. These changes can include making a button more visible or changing the design interface, she said. 

Rearick said he hopes to finish the usability tests by the end of this semester or early next semester. After the tests, improvements to the website will be made. 

More information about signing up can be found on WSU Libraries’ Facebook page