Bite of the Palouse: The Big 7

It takes more than just great food to rank in Carson’s top seven joints on the Palouse



Main Street in downtown Pullman is home to many different restaurants, cafes and bars.

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

There are many different things that go into a restaurant experience.

Starting from the parking situation and ending with the check at the conclusion of the night, each location is judged on every point, and only the best restaurants are able to stay strong in each category.

Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of trying the breadth of restaurants on the Palouse — everything from fast food to fine dining. Like anyone else, I have compiled a list of the greatest spots.

The following is a ranking of the top seven eateries on the Palouse. While not constrained by what type of joint it is, I have not been everywhere. There may be some ones that I have missed, but that is part of the ongoing adventure. With that being said, for these rankings, I take into account the full dining experience: the good, the bad and the tasty.

  1. The Land – 1525 NE Merman Dr, Pullman
Most of everything is good but the chicken sandwich is the go-to

Two words: chicken sandwich. The Land is one of the many iconic restaurants in Pullman, and after eating their chicken sandwich, (I prefer the spicy) you can see why. It has a bun that seems to soak up the delicious sauce and provide a whole new flavor profile on its own, delicately balanced chicken that is beyond juicy and pickles that you could start a war for. I will be honest and say I have only tried maybe three other things on the menu, because each time, I come back for the chicken sandwiches. Beyond that, The Land just has a fun atmosphere to get drinks with your friends and spend time in the community — an incredibly solid spot.

  1. Loco Grinz – 113 N Main St, Moscow

Pretty consistently, I love Hawaiian BBQ, and Loco Grinz really delivers. Located off the north end of Main Street, this local restaurant serves great portions at reasonable prices. If that were all it would not have been able to make this top seven, but it comes in with a left hook of delicious food. The name of the game is kalua pork. Sweet, savory and dripping to the brim with flavor, I have finished this meal and gone up and ordered another one before, it was that good. The rest of their menu stands strong as well, with offerings for any palate.

  1. Miss Huddy’s Barbecue – 505 SE Riverview St, Pullman

The last thing I thought I would find in the Palouse is good barbecue, but that is exactly what they are serving at Miss Huddy’s. A food truck operating usually outside of the Paradise Creek Brewery, you may have to brave the weather or an increasingly long line to get a taste. Still, if you have the patience or a nice windbreaker, you can see why so many people are waiting. Authentic, succulent brisket followed by a whole host of other traditional BBQ offerings share the stage with delicious sides. Though they may have odd hours, you cannot skip out on Miss Huddy’s.

  1. The Breakfast Club – 501 S Main St, Moscow
Chicken friend steak, fried eggs and a lemon poppy seed pancake, oh my!

The best breakfast joint on the Palouse. Zoe’s is an honorable mention, but if it were not for the long drive, I would choose the Breakfast Club every time. The only downside to this restaurant is the potential wait, but that should tell you just how good it is. Everything on the menu is made with supreme quality. I usually base breakfast-based restaurants off their chicken fried steak and eggs, a dish that almost every one of them has, and the Breakfast Club hits it out of the park. Juicy and well-cooked meat with a rich and flavorful gravy really just underscores a quality and taste that is consistent throughout the rest of the menu.

  1. La Casa Lopez – 415 S Main St, Moscow
Despite so many choices, the fajita burrito did not disappoint at La Casa Lopez

The best Carne Asada that I have had, and oddly enough one of the best french fries too. You can ignore that last part if you want, so long as you focus on the top-tier flavors that La Casa Lopez brings to the table. Care is clearly taken in the creation of each dish, as whatever you order is wonderfully flavored and seasoned, rich with taste and easily equips you with a leftover box or two. Not to mention BOGO margs on Wednesdays. Only come to Casa if you want some of the best Mexican food on the Palouse.

  1. Minh’s Restaurant – 102 NW Stadium Way, Pullman
Minh’s Restaurant is one of the top three Pullman restaurants to visit

The biggest shame about this restaurant is I only was recently introduced to it, but I and my tastebuds have been trying to make up for lost time. With an extensive menu that has everything from Vietnamese to Chinese to Indian curry, Minh’s does not disappoint in any of those categories. Each bite is an extravaganza of flavor that keeps you eating while giving you a massive portion size that you can easily split into two meals. Topped with a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly staff, Minh’s guarantees a great dining experience and has earned my return business.

  1. Malō Cuisine – 137 Second St, Moscow
Whether by yourself, with a friend or with your partner, this is a great spot

DEFINITIVE. I am one of the most indecisive people when it comes to picking favorites, so I want you to know in your very bones that this was an easy pick. Malō’s consistency delivers on quality of food, vibrant flavors and some of the most welcoming service I have ever encountered. The star of the show is the mochiko chicken with a side of mac salad, a divine mixture of sweet and savory that will tantalize you with every bite. Malō’s leaves competition in the dust, and I will make the trip to Moscow at the drop of a dime to get some more.